Black Letter have undertaken work for a wide range of private and commercial clients. Most commissions combine calligraphy and illustration techniques - in addition to illumination work with gold leaf. It is important to us that you love and treasure your specially created artwork for years to come, and our clients do seem to, see what they say.

How it works
If you are interested in a piece of bespoke artwork please contact us to outline your requirements, such as deadlines, who and what it is for, design style/colours, size, budget and framing.

Commission costs vary due to complexity of design, size, amount of illumination and illustration, etc. Most commissions are between £200 and £600. Examples of commissions can be found in the commissions gallery.

After agreeing your specification, we will confirm it in writing along with final cost, delivery method and date. A 50% deposit is required for commissions.

We use high quality material in our work, all of which is hand crafted. If you prefer authentic, rather than commercial material, such as natural pigments or vellum, please mention this when requesting your quote.

No one else will ever have the same piece of hand made artwork as you. Commissioned items are one-offs and as such they take time to produce. Whilst we do our best to accommodate your wishes, please bear in mind that we work on a first come, first served basis, which we think you'll agree is fair.

Unless otherwise agreed, copyright remains with the artist(s)/Black Letter. We reserve the right to take a copy of your commission for the purposes of showing the scope of our work - on our website or for other marketing purposes such as in our portfolio.